Experts expect another wave of growth in US dollar

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Slightly cheapened the US government securities in conjunction with some falling markets pushed the dollar, which dipped slightly and entered the consolidation phase. However, now you cannot say that we will see a significant drop. Rather the contrary – it will become apparent next wave of support to the American currency, which probably will be a factor in return to strengthen. Statistics today will not change the overall situation.
EURUSD – the progressive downward movement ended with a slight increase, aided by the support around 1.1350, the expected frame: 1.1350-1.1430.
EURUSD – 1.2800 range -1.2850 at the moment, will play for this pair consolidating role.
USDJPY pair rose above 112, will remain within the 112.00-112.50, this may occur some fluctuations within this corridor.
EURCHF – the boundaries of the couple will not undergo substantial displacements, while staying within 1.1350-1.1400.
AUDUSD – here 0.7000-0.7020 pair found decent support after was a rebound from her. Projected frame: 0.7050-0.7100,
NZDUSD – the pair rose above 0.65, which greatly reduces the pressure and corresponding rebound, expect a couple of under 0.6500-0.6550.
USDCAD – 1.3100 will be for consolidating pairs, the predicted fluctuation limits will be 1.3080-1.3130.
Gold – gold does not show a specific direction, being in the range 1225 and 1235,
Brent – after the fall of the last days, seeing the uncertain and slow growth, the actual fluctuation range of 77-78.
USDRUB – frame fluctuations of this pair so far are more or less stable, and are 65.50-66.00
BTCUSD – despite all attempts, the pair was unable to overcome the pressure, and this failure was an additional factor in the reduction to 6500. Today will be the actual range of 6300-6400, but keep in mind that it is possible to descend to 6200.
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