Expert: the fall of the cryptocurrency will lead to the evolution of the industry

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“The fall of cripture” is a natural evolution of cryptoeconomy, virtually all exchanges, especially top-end, fully centralized system. In the future we can expect the emergence of decentralized exchanges, which will be able to get rid of most of the problems of centralized resources.
The trend in the closing exchanges caused by two main reasons. The first is the failure of most of cryptoprocta from placing their coins on the exchanges, which receive a large share of the income from this procedure. The second reason is the reduction in trading volumes on the resources associated with the fall in the value of all assets.
Thus, developers are not able to maintain their assets and liquidity on the stock exchange or to attract external investment in the project, are forced to close their projects. Also, hacking the centralized exchanges entail the same consequences.
In General, this situation will contribute to the development of the stock market, creating a trend in the development of more independent venues to trade assets, making it more effective.
Investors will get a more predictable trading environment, giving them the opportunity to better manage their assets on the market. This is a positive trend, which was to be expected.
Aleksandr Ageev