Expected NFP report dominates currency markets

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During the European trading session the major currency pairs continued to increase. In the red zone left to bargain the Japanese currency, as at the auctions in Europe has increased the demand for risky assets. Market participants do not confuse today’s report on employment market in the United States, which will be released at 15:30 (GMT +3).
Optimistic Brekzita and attitude of the Bank of England to raise rates to support the pound. The dollar is losing ground with an increasing return on increased demand for risky assets on the background of reducing tensions in the trade relations of the USA and Rolling. The US President Donald trump has asked officials in his administration to begin development of a potential trade deal with Beijing.
The Euro is trading rising to yesterday’s close at 0.32%. At the time of writing the Euro is worth 1,1448. Market participants are nervous as is about to be released report on the us labor market. It is expected that in the U.S. in October was created 190 new jobs and the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 3.7%.
The report should pay attention to the revision previous two months, as well as data on salaries. Wages indirectly affect inflation, and thus help to predict the future actions of the fed in relation to proceno rate. The market has factored into the price the likelihood (74%) rate hike at the meeting in December. How will the dollar in response to the report is unknown, but the deviation of the October values from the forecast we can expect short-term volatility.
European session:
The index of business activity in Spain for October amounted to 51.8 (consensus: 51.0, the previous value of 51.4).
The index of business activity in Italy in October was 49.2 (consensus: 49.5, previous value of 50.0).
The index of business activity in the Eurozone in October amounted to 52.0 (consensus: 52.1, the previous value of 53.2).
The index of business activity in Germany in October amounted to 52.2 (consensus: 52.3, previous reading of 52.3).
The index of business activity in France in October amounted to 51.2 (consensus: 51.2, previous value of 52.5).
The index of business activity in the U.K. construction sector in October was 53.2 (consensus: 52,0, the previous value of 52.1).
Vladislav Antonov,