European stock markets fear a new trade war

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A trade conflict with the United States will continue to be the center of attention of European investors in the short term. Despite some progress in resolving such problems between the USA and Mexico, to which can join and Canada, the stock markets in Europe remain under pressure.
News that the United States signed a trade agreement with Mexico can not please participants of the European markets.
However, many of them doubt that this agreement can join Canada, though speculation on this matter are very lively. The same doubts there are about the possible “warming” of relations between the U.S. and China. At the end of September to come into force on new American sanctions against Chinese imported goods with a total volume of $200 billion.
EU authorities continue to consider the most negative scenario of development of events and are preparing possible retaliatory measures if the U.S. imposes new duties on the import of European cars.
Alone among the other European stock markets is the UK market. Dynamics of the British stock index is now determined by the news on Brexit. In the near future may strengthen the pound and the growth of stock indexes of the country, as the EU is ready to offer Britain’s “very close” relationship after the country’s exit from the EU.
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club