Dynamics of stock markets has improved, the oil continues growth

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Dynamics of stock markets improved Tuesday. Chinese stocks went on to recover after drawdown before. Us futures are back with a holiday weekend on a positive note. European markets opened good growth, with the Italian MIB leading, growing by 0.6% after Deputy Prime Minister softened his stance in the issue of the budget, promising “to respect” to the budget rules of the EU.
However, despite the current manifestation of optimism in the markets present a number of risk factors that may manifest itself in the coming days. Chief among them is the introduction of a new portion of the US tariffs on the import of goods from China. So what we see at the moment, the rise is unlikely to develop into a full rally – investors to be vigilant.
Russian indices carefully repeat the dynamics of other sites, but feel less confident due to the tense situation in emerging markets and the threat of new sanctions from the United States. This film smoothes expensive oil. Brent extends yesterday’s highs in the area of 78,40, a breakthrough which will open the way to 79. But it is important to remember that in the event of a return of anti-risk sentiment resource segment may face profit-taking, especially because the quotes are already quite attractive for sale levels.
The ruble opened in different ways, reflecting the situation on the Forex. The pair dollar/ruble formed a bullish gap amid widespread demand for the American currency. Quotes reinforce the success on the level of 68 rubles., and the opposition has a growing oil and some stabilization of the currencies of the developing segment. If the second half of day the dollar rally in the international arena will not be able to develop, the pair will remain near the level 68 RUB.
Nathan Lambert
Head of research,
Global FX