Deutsche Bank is suspected of money laundering, is being searched

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This morning searches were conducted in the headquarters of Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt-on-main, and five other offices of this financial giant. Deutsche Bank is suspected of involvement in money laundering. The investigation was launched after studying the so-called Panamanian archive and other documents related to the offshore, published by the International consortium of investigative journalism.
According to the investigation, employees of Deutsche Bank helped customers launder money, and the Bank reported suspicious accounts to the authorities. The Bank’s shares fell more than 4%.
The situation, at first glance, looks quite ordinary. However, all that is connected with Deutsche Bank, has always attracted special attention. About the problems the Bank has long been known, but that’s not it. In the business media repeatedly across a point of view that the consequences of the collapse of Deutsche Bank’s global markets and the world economy will be comparable to Lehman Brothers. Speculators, sesitive everything, but especially us indices, say, watching the news with hope.
From myself I will add that the collapse of Deutsche Bank may cause a banking crisis throughout continental Europe. But more importantly: we continue to believe that the U.S. stock market bubble, which with high probability will burst in 2019 and what will be the reason for the collapse, not so important.
Alexander Razuvayev,
The Director of analytical Department,