Derivative cryptocurrencies Pavel Durov: “Gram”

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The principles of market trade is arranged so as to form the prices of goods, subject to supply and demand, without regard to self-production or business.
The appearance of any asset on the cryptocurrency market, speculative priori pursues the goal of making a profit on changes in the value of the asset, the Issuer of the asset is often in the market the market maker.
Not to mention provided the margin for exchange traders Exchange Xena 1100 , which is a very dubious proposal, since under this condition to participate in the auction will be able to people with very little financial resources. Under these conditions, particularly the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, not to mention illiquid assets that can not be the guarantor of exchange rate stability, and similar trading conditions, become a “sentence” for not skilled traders.
At the moment in the world of Finance there is only one derivative that can be used as a hedging tool. This Bitcoin futures on the Chicago Board options exchange.
Therefore, this initiative of the exchange Xena Exchange can be regarded as an attempt to capitalize on inexperienced customers of their exchanges.
Ageev Alexander,