Demand for OFZ bonds plummeted, speculators go to other markets

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Recent changes in the world economy has meant that speculative capital moves from market to market, reacting to the slightest potential income. The EU and emerging markets are attractive enough and the US is losing a large holding of foreign investments can offer attractive income.
As a result, the share of non-residents in Federal loan bonds (OFZ) from early April to mid-June fell from 34.5% to 30%, according to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and other emerging markets, like Turkey or Brazil, lost large sums of money. Emerging markets are experiencing capital outflows, but this process in one way or another will affect everyone and you need to take this into account.
The decline in the share of non-residents leads to a General weakening of the Russian stock market, creating an attractive background for entrance into the paper, so in the near future the outflow of some investors will be replaced by others, diversifitsiruemy their portfolios. Take advantage of the new lift will be on by the end of this week, so, in the absence of other news, it is recommended to prepare cash to purchase securities.
Nikolay Shiryaev
“International financial center”