Cryptocurrency slowed down the growth rate, the market lacks positive

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The main cryptocurrency in the environment continue to climb, although the pace has slowed somewhat. You can expect a corrective rise will soon drown, and cryptocurrencies will again begin to fall with mostly negative news background.
On quotes provided pressure, in particular, the news that Google will ban the expansion of mining in its Chrome browser. As explained by the company, many of these extensions do not meet the rules and are malicious. In addition, the head of FSB have declared that terrorists are actively using the cryptocurrency.
According Libertex, the rate of Ripple from 12.00 GMT on 3 April rose 0.95% and 12.00 GMT on April 4 amounted to 0.52 dollars in market capitalization 20.9 billion dollars. Ethereum per day has strengthened its position by 0.32% and stands at 12.00 GMT 404,9 USD. Capitalization Ethereum – 39.9 billion dollars. Market capitalization of crypto-currencies at 12: 00 MSK amounted to 275,8 billion.
During the day, it is possible to predict further moderate strengthening of the courses of cryptocurrencies in the ongoing correction. Rate Ripple will move the dollar mark, and Ethereum will be at dollars.
The main stock indices of Europe fell into the red. In the morning on Wednesday futures on American indexes are down on average by 0.5%. Asian markets are trading mixed this morning.
In Euro-dollar we can note a weakening of the Euro to 1,2292 of the dollar against the Euro. Probably the dollar will continue a bit to regain positions amid falling oil prices.
The Russian currency during the day probably will suffer from falling oil prices below $ 68. The dollar at 12.00 GMT the ruble has appreciated by 28 cents to 57,85 ruble, the Euro by this time has jumped by 49 cents to 71,15 ruble.
During the day when pressure from declining oil prices, the ruble may fall to the level of 57.9 of the ruble against the dollar and to the level 71.2 ruble against the Euro.
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club