Cryptocurrency rushed to new highs

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The main cryptocurrency Monday continue to grow in price, bitcoin climbed above the psychological mark of 11 thousand dollars within the created market uptrend. The digital currency this ignored the negativity from the news that Apple banned the buy bitcoin with their card, which was released in conjunction with Goldman Sachs. In the U.S., the map should appear this summer.
Bitcoin exchange rate of 10.00 per day, according Libertex, increased by 8.85% to 11682 dollars in capitalization 208,1 billion. Ethereum, when it rose by 4.47% to $ 229 with a market capitalization of 24.6 billion U.S. amid news that on August 8 Ethereum will be a fork of Ethereum Beacon. Representatives of the project argue that the upgrade will solve the problem with bandwidth blockchain cryptocurrency, while maintaining a high level of security.
XRP per day has risen by 2.11% to 0,3199 dollar, its market capitalization reached the level of 13.8 billion dollars on the news that payment giant has started to use MoneyGram xRapid from Ripple. Litecoin gained 3.2% and rose in price to 94.8 dollars with a market capitalization of $ 6 billion.
The total capitalization of the stock market reached a level of 307 billion dollars.
According to financial scouts, in the short term within the uptrend the stock market may still grow. In this case, the bitcoin can rise to 11800 dollars, Ethereum – up to 235 USD, the XRP – up to 0.33 dollar, Litecoin is up to $ 97.
Eugene Turchin,
Financial scout,
Forex Club