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The total crypto market capitalization increased at the output by 9% to $122 billion, and by Tuesday was able to remain near this level. Remarkable simultaneous growth from many digital coins, which suggests the infusion of fresh money into the crypto market. Optimists believe that this could also be a sign that the market has passed the bottom and we will soon see the resumption of positive dynamics. More conservative estimates say that it was profit-taking from short sales of Bitcoin from last year’s highs. “Leakage” from the SEC in relation to positive prospects for the launch of a Bitcoin ETF has also fueled a positive market sentiment.
At the same time, with mining-fields come with disturbing news about a partial activation of the bomb complexity Ethereum after delaying network updates Constantinople. Time of production of the unit increased to 20 seconds. Over time, the network speed will continue to slow. This is done to stimulate developers to transition to PoS mining.
The complexity of production in the most coins at historic highs – and a bad dream is now becoming a reality. Asik miners captured Herat networking and zcash for Monero. And now the “invaders” were captured with falling prices, because the equipment sharpened on specific algorithms.
Interesting news in the context of the potential impact on cryptocurrencies appeared from Realty Shares ETF Trust. They have applied to the SEC for the launch of NYSE Arca. The Fund, which will invest in a range of assets, including futures on bitcoin, however the feature is to limit investment in the reference coin to 15% of total assets. In fact, this ETF will protect investors from excessive risks, which requires SEC. Entrepreneurs are looking for ways to expand investment opportunities in cryptocurrencies, and, sooner or later, this should lead to a positive effect, but the timing and extent remain difficult to predict.
Alexander Kuptsikevich,