Cryptocurrency in the first day of spring getting more expensive, the rate of the Ripple has grown up on 0,04%

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The main cryptocurrency in the first day of spring was beginning to rise due to improved somewhat in the stock market.
According Libertex, the rate of Ripple from 12:00 GMT on 28 February has grown on 0,04% and by 12:00 GMT March 1, was 0.92 in the dollar. The rate of Litecoin during this period of time strengthened 0.1% to 207.5 dollar. Ethereum per night strengthened their positions by 1% and stands at 12:00 GMT 867,3 dollar.
During the day, it is possible to predict further moderate strengthening of the major cryptocurrencies: the course might Ripple up to 0.95 of the dollar, Litecoin has a chance to grow to $ 210, and Ethereum will rise to the level of $ 870.
Negative for the market can be called a statement of Microsoft founder bill gates, who warned of the mortal danger of the cryptocurrency and noted that they are a very risky tool for long-term investment.
On the stock on Thursday also visible are the prerequisites to growth, despite the multidirectional dynamics of oil prices. The RTS index fell by 12:00 GMT on 0,32% – to 1281,41 item, index Mosberg symbolically grown up by this time, 0.02% to 2298,36 points. During the day you can predict the sluggish movement of the index from current levels.
On the Russian foreign exchange market is a corrective weakening of the ruble, which, however, does not look significant. The dollar at 12:00 Moscow time has grown against the ruble by 10 kopecks to 56.43 ruble, the Euro by this time strengthened by 8 kopecks to the ruble 68,85. During the day we can expect the Euro to 68.9 ruble and dollar to 56.5 rubles.
Ivan Marchena,
Forex Club