Cryptocurrency forecast to 2019 from an expert

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For “digital” community 2018й was a year of dashed hopes. Mass obsession with cryptocurrency and ICO in 2017м could not end in anything other than balancing. In the end, December ends on a positive note, as we are now seeing the growth of quotations after extreme oversold.
However, this rebound is not like the influx of institutional investors or wide return of faith in the prospects of the market, and that means volatility and a new correction will remain a loyal signs of the near future.
Although many cryptocurrency and showed a good momentum before Christmas, they are still estimated at one-tenth of last year’s value. In the future, the market may wait a year or even two years of uncertainty and hesitation.
Radically change the situation can only really powerful products – for example, from the developers of Telegram. In addition, in the not so distant future, the leap can do projects based on remittances. Economic instability in the world is likely to bring the cryptocurrency to their original idea and replace the banking system.
The volume of lost funds due to the correction of traditional equity indices difficult to compare with the amount of drawdown cryptocurrency. In 2019 m, it is likely there will be a correlation between conventional financial market and the world of digital assets. From crypto-whales had the time to create an enabling environment and infrastructure, while retail investors will be forced to “exit” from the market, not seeing any changes “here and now”.
Thus, the theoretical perspectives 2019 can be described by the following keywords and phrases: consolidation, regulation, infrastructure development, ending the era of Amateur mining, change of leaders of the market and shift in demand towards emerging economies.
If all goes well, in silence and in the absence of hype, developers will be able to provide really interesting products, because only in this case, you can count on the strong market reversal. However, if we remember that the technological stock indices took more than 15 years to fully recover to the peaks in the midst of the initial fever, it is hoped that in the case of crypto-market that will take less time.
Alexander Kuptsikevich