Cryptocurrency forecast: Ripple and Ethereum have grown Litecoin has decreased a bit

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The main cryptocurrency on Tuesday continue to rise the previous day, though at a more moderate pace seen amid increased risk appetite on the Russian trading venues after an increase in Russia’s rating Agency S&P.
According Libertex, the rate of Ripple from 12:00 GMT on 26 February grew by 0.3% and by 12:00 GMT on 27 February was 0.95 dollars. Litecoin rate for this period decreased slightly – by 0.2%, to 221,34 dollar. Ethereum per day has strengthened its position by 0.13% and is at 12:00 GMT 891,225 dollar.
An additional positive for the cryptocurrency was the news about cryptomeria. So, on the eve of bitcoin startup Circle announced the purchase of American cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex. From the internal news on the topic it can be noted that the Moscow Arbitration court refused to admit a cryptocurrency asset and include it in the bankruptcy estate.
On the Russian stock market on Tuesday observed a corrective decline that followed a significant rise the previous day amid Russia’s rating Agency S&P.
The RTS index fell by 12:00 GMT on Tuesday by 0.29% to 1320,96 item, index Mosberg fell by 0.68% to 2337,32 points. It can be expected that during the day the index Mosuri will move in a narrow range 2330-2375 points, the RTS index is the corridor 1310-1340 points.
However, the ruble continues tremendous growth of the previous day, although somewhat lost momentum. The dollar at 12:00 Moscow time the ruble has weakened by 0.29 kopecks to 55.73 of the ruble, the Euro by this time symbolically grew by 0.05 kopecks to the ruble 68,76, updating in the morning on Tuesday its annual minimum. It can be expected that during the day the ruble will continue to strengthen due to high demand for the Russian currency in connection with the tax period and the relatively high oil prices. During the day, the dollar will probably trade in the range of 55.1-56.3 ruble and the Euro – in the hallway of 67.9-69.3 rubles.
During the day, it is possible to predict further moderate strengthening of the major cryptocurrencies: the course Ripple will try to get to 1 dollar, Litecoin has a chance to strengthen to $ 225, and Ethereum will rise will tend to $ 900.
Ivan Marchena,
Forex Club