Cryptocurrency forecast: By the end of 2018 was not the best

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At the end of the year the so-called cryptanalysts on the Internet agree that 2018 was not the best market for cryptocurrencies, and that the rules of the game have changed, and the future uncertain: how will this market and what ordinary investors need to wait, no one really can not say.
Let me remind you that over the last two years in the market practically does not appear in our information space confident analysts of the market of cryptocurrencies and the majority of young traders do not have the training to operate the assets.
I, as a trader with experience of 4 years working with foreign exchange markets and 2 years of experience analyzing and trading on the market of cryptocurrencies, it’s safe to say that the cryptocurrency market is in its infancy into a more confident and efficient financial structure. It is not uncontrolled movement. The flagship industry of the blockchain and crypto-currencies, along with the main investors in this field in 2018 created a favorable condition for the formation of new products or, one might say, a new stage of development in each sphere of activity.
The year began with the fact that a dump bitcoins in 2017, which was the impetus for the development of the industry, is quite hard, started dumping, which lowered the market for the minimum effective values of cryptocurrencies that satisfy the major creditors. Thereby triggering cleanup market from fraudulent projects, it is immediately reduced risks investors in this transitional period, major investments are happening in bitcoin.
The transition was punctuated by the appearance on the market of investment projects in accordance with the requirements of regulators, the most famous of which is SEC. Create more accessible sites for the storage and management scriptactive. Creating a new generation of hardware to work with the network, primarily for the major investment currencies, and so on.
Thus, there is a picture of the transition period, the maturation of the industry and willingness to come to the real market, where completely different rules and power. Without it, the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain will not develop, without it, he would just die. But, as you can see, this is a large and long-running project that it will be able to seamlessly integrate into our lives and I assure you, even if it not openly, but they want almost everything.
2018 marked the beginning of this path, the formation of new rules of the game, and hence new opportunities for us.
For myself, as for a professional trader, I see the cryptocurrency market as a terrific long-term investment idea, which can be used by anyone with the proper approach.
This year was the best for the start of professional investment activities in the cryptocurrency market will continue to be better and more interesting.
Ageev Alexander,