Cryptocurrency exchanges are manipulating the trading volume index to their advantage

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Stock Markets Group -Cryptocurrency exchanges was accused of overstatement of trading volume. This is stated in the report provided by the researcher and trader Silvina the Ribes.
It says that the amounts that we tend to focus and which is indicated by the data from the stock exchanges, are not true. The author argues that even the most popular crypto currency exchange such as Okex inflate the figure on some days, up to 93% of the actual volume.
Falsification is the same on the exchange Huobi, occupying second place in the popularity rating.
In its report, the trader said:
“In the research process, I discovered a truly ridiculous discrepancies between trading platforms. We are not talking about deviations associated with the difference of the behavior of market players, and for artificially increased to 95% from the real values. Among these markets there are and the most popular Okex with a volume of $ 1.7 billion, according to Coinmarketcap and Livecoinwatch”
Ribes says that since the cryptocurrency markets are unregulated, this allows the exchanges to artificially inflate trading volumes and manipulate the figures to their advantage.
“Despite the fact that many cryptocurrencies can boast of a volume of transactions worth about $ 5 million, the number of operations actually may be lower by 10% due to “slippage” order. Vivid examples can be deal with such pairs as NEO/USD, IOTA/USD and QTUM/USD, the liquidity of these instruments is quite high”
“The data prove without a doubt the fact that most volumes on the stock exchange Okex are artificially inflated. I went on the Internet and checked the history of transactions for some couples, that only confirmed my conclusions about the obvious forgery”
This report is the information that Huobi Pro winds increased to 81.8%.
Thus, in addition to external factors, which today is so often and strongly are reflected in the courses of cryptocurrencies, another problem is the manipulation of prices and key indicators on the trading floors.
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™