Cryptocurrency cheaper on the statements by the fed in Libra

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The main cryptocurrency Monday reduced in price after the fed’s Jerome Powell spoke about the requirements for bitcoin Facebook. Virtual currency Libra, which creates a social network, he said, must comply with the most stringent standards.
After these statements, the exchange rate of bitcoin 10.00 per day, according Libertex decreased by 2.77% to 10302 dollars in the capitalization of 184.8 billion. Ethereum by this time has fallen in price on 2,77% – to 178,1 dollar with a market capitalization of 19.2 billion dollars. XRP is a day lost in the price of 2.01% and decreased to 0,2579 dollar, its market capitalization reached the level of 11.2 billion dollars. Litecoin fell by 3.16% to 68.5 per dollar with a market capitalization of $ 4.3 billion.
The total capitalization of the stock market reached the level of 264.1 billion dollars.
According to financial scouts the market in the short term will continue to decline on the negative from the fed. Bitcoin may go down to 10100 dollars Ethereum to 175 dollars, XRP – to $ 0.25, and Litecoin is up to $ 65.
Eugene Turchin,
Financial scout,
Forex Club