Cryptocurrency: brad Garlinghouse dropped the market

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The main crypto-currencies on Tuesday, falling in price after the eve of new hearings in the U.S. Senate dedicated to the regulation of digital currencies, the Ripple company sent regulators an open letter. In a letter to CEO brad Ripple Arlinghaus asked the American authorities to put an equality sign between Facebook Libra cryptocurrency and other digital assets.
Amid this news, the bitcoin exchange rate of 9.30 per day, according Libertex declined by 1.38% to 9458 dollars in capitalization 169,2 billion. Ethereum has fallen by this time by 1.9% to 207.5 dollars with a market capitalization of 22.3 billion dollars. XRP during the day, weakened by 0.54% to 0.31 per dollar, its market capitalization amounted to 13.3 billion dollars. Litecoin has dropped in price by 0.53% to 89.6 per dollar in the capitalization of 5.6 billion dollars. The total capitalization of the stock market reached the level of 262,2 billion.
Some positive aspects on the market brought the information that the Iranian authorities allowed the mining of cryptocurrencies in the country, while putting on significant risks of digital currencies.
According to financial scouts in the short term, investor sentiment will be determined by representatives of the American financial regulators. Bitcoin maybe even several cheaper – to 9400 dollars, Ethereum – up to 205 USD, XRP – to 0.3 of the dollar and Litecoin – to $ 88.
Eugene Turchin,
Financial scout,
Forex Club