Cryptocurrency and bitcoin still interesting to investors, but for how long?

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In early June we wrote in the projections on the preservation of opportunities for further depreciation of Bitcoin (BTC), and this prediction still remain relevant. Might even get the impression that bitcoin is pursuing some evil fate, which does not allow him to start rebuilding. So almost every week there are news about the hacker attacks on exchanges, investigations by the state authorities in respect of cryptoprocta, and there are other disappointing investors events.
In these circumstances, the trend is still downward and the last hope for buyers is a bounce from around $6011 that successfully happening this week. If the stock can consolidate at the end of June, above this value, as in the famous Hollywood Saga about space adventures back hopes of growth to the first target is $6650 – $6800. Well, it only gets more interesting, because then the end of the summer course can come to $10 000.
But do not forget about what happened Sunday update at least 2018, which may, subject to the closure of several candles below $6011 lead to consistent collapse in the $5700 and $5300. It is very early to speak about the fracture of the downtrend, and investors will wait for news from the owners of the “large States”. And if we wrote about the “blood of bulls”, which you can enjoy the sellers of cryptocurrency, then last week it was a real tragedy. We have already mentioned kryptonite John McAfee and his willingness to nominate his candidacy for President in the upcoming elections. In his Twitter he posted pictures in his hospital bed and informed about the poisoning of the haters. Whether it was in reality or is this yet another PR move to attract attention while hard to judge, but it certainly does not inspire confidence for investors.
Not observed a positive and at another innovative currency, Ethereum (ETH). Quotes after breaking support at $487 decided, as if to Board the Express and went at once to the value of $422, which is the upper part of the strong support of the $400 – $422. Within the next few weeks will decide the fate of the market movements to any of the above values will be aware of Ethereum, so while professional managers are out of the market due to high volatility. Upcoming reviews will be more fresh and clear: are the “smart money” to turn up or is still going on riding on the bear.
Paul Shipunov,
Head of unit, analysis and research,