Cryptocurrency and bitcoin set for new highs in 2019

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Moderate growth rates of major cryptocurrencies continues on the background of falling of interest of investors to the classical assets on world markets.
The decline in the popularity of classic assets, after the decision of the fed to raise rates and the deterioration of the forecasts of the regulator about the prospects for U.S. economic growth. Against the background of sales in world stock markets investors at the time switched their interest to the cryptocurrency market.
At 11.00 the exchange rate of bitcoin for the day symbolically grown up on 0,08% – to $ 3946 in the capitalization of $70,5 billion Ethereum by this time rose by 4.18% to 112,5 USD, its market capitalization of $11.8 billion Litecoin has strengthened by 0.35% to 31.1 per dollar with a market capitalization of 1.8$ billion XRP exchange Rate for the day grew by 2.78% – 0.36 dollar, and the capitalization reached $14.9 billion
The total capitalization of the stock market reached $132 billion According to financial scouts, the stock market has in principle the chance to get “rallied”, but in the future may again return to the negative dynamics: the exchange rate of bitcoin drops to $ 3700, Ethereum could fall to $ 110, XRP – to 0.34-0.35 dollar, Litecoin is up to $ 30.
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club