Cryptocurrencies have gone into a deep dive

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The main cryptocurrency on Thursday continue to fall due to pressure from financial regulators on digital currency Libra from Facebook. After this subject, I spoke of the American government, the G7 Finance Ministers also said that concerned about the situation. In addition, the Ministry of Finance of Japan questioned the reliability of cryptocurrency Libra. Thus in Department noted that it may be convenient for remittances. Facebook, in turn, promised not to run Libra without the consent of the regulators.
Against the background of claims to the Facebook bitcoin exchange rate of 8.30 per day, according Libertex decreased by 0.8% to 9860 dollars in capitalization 176,2 billion. Ethereum by this time has fallen in price on 0,59% – to 218,8 dollar with a market capitalization of 23.3 billion dollars.
While some positive for the stock market was the announcement that the Japanese exchange Bitpoint compensate for damages to users from hacker attacks.
The rate of XRP per day has decreased on 1,25% – to 0,316 dollar, its market capitalization amounted to 13.5 billion dollars. Litecoin fell by 0.22% to 92.1 per dollar with a market capitalization of 5.7 billion dollars amid reports that the new subsidiary Binance in Singapore has launched support for Litecoin.
The total capitalization of the stock market reached the level of 269,4 billion.
According to financial scouts, in the short term the market will continue its decline because of pressure for money Facebook. Bitcoin may go down to 9800 dollars, Ethereum – $ 200 dollars, XRP to 0.31 of the dollar and Litecoin to 92 dollars.
Eugene Turchin,
Financial scout,
Forex Club