Cryptocurrencies are growing after a pause and skepticism

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The main cryptocurrency on Tuesday began to rise after a fall, caused by negative statements billionaires Buffett and gates about the nature and prospects of the stock market.
According Libertex, bitcoin 12.00 per day grew in price on 0,59% – to 9379 dollars in capitalization in 159,9 billion. The Litecoin exchange rate strengthened by 1.78% to $ 165 in the capitalization of 9.3 billion dollars.
Ethereum has risen by 12.00 by 3.75% to 756,9 dollar, its market capitalization amounted to 75.4 billion dollars. The Ripple rate is almost unchanged in price, amounting to $ 0.83 in the capitalization of 32.7 billion dollars. The total market capitalization is 444,9 billion.
Earlier, one of the world’s richest people Warren Buffett expressed his opinion that cryptocurrency “will end badly”. At the same time, bill gates called bitcoin is one of the most speculative things in the world.
However, the good news for the stock market was the news that Venezuela and Palestine will establish a joint Fund in bitcoin.
In the future days, we can expect that crypto-currencies will continue to trade moderately positive, korrektiruete up after a fall.
Rate Ripple can lift up to 0.85 dollar, Ethereum could rise to the level of 760 dollars, while Litecoin has a chance to rise to 167 dollars. Bitcoin, most likely, will rise in price to $ 9400 and go up to around $ 9500.
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club