Crypto-currencies started the week in a positive mood

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Crypto-currencies start the week on a positive note after the correction at the end of last week, which resulted in the total capitalization sank on may 12 to $367 billion Threshold of $400 billion are tested quite often lately.
News about the new move bitcoin wallets at Mt. Gox, and the investigation against major South Korean exchanges triggered a sell-off at the end of the week. However, now the market has experienced these events and for the last 24 hours bitcoin gaining nearly 4%, trading around $8,700.
This crypto-star of the last day was the coin zcash for (ZEC), jumped nearly 50% to $372 due to the news of the upcoming listing of cryptocurrencies on the stock exchange Gemini brothers Winklevoss. Such news is always beneficial to the coin, and you can expect testing new highs. However, the current growth could easily turn into a sharp correction.
“Bacchanale” economy captures a large Corporation: about starting their own blockchain announced LG. It is expected that the technology will completely change the structure of interaction with users and to create operational ecosystem within smart devices, technology giant.
Recently it became known that Facebook has created a blockchain team, which initially will focus on creating a system of decentralized storage of personal data. The security problem of user data is particularly acute for companies, data breaches became the reasons of scandals and the declining value of the shares.
The news once again fuels expectations that the technology of the blockchain will form the basis of the fourth industrial revolution.
Alexander Kuptsikevich,
Financial analyst,