Crypto-currencies started the week falling in the range of 1%

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The main cryptomonad lose about 1% at the start of a new week, as a whole, demonstrating an enviable stability. Expect consistency bitcoin exchange rate leads to its spread as a means of payment.
The crypto-scientists are increasingly news about taking BTC as payment for goods and services. At the moment, enable payment with cryptocurrency is often a marketing nature: however, the more stable the market, the higher the probability of a return of interest of large service providers primarily in the digital segment.
Promotes the growth of the crypto sector, in particular, and an increasing number of installed worldwide cryptomate. According CoinAtmRadar, their number already this month exceed 4000 units in 74 countries. The greatest number of devices is located in United States (2,354). Quite a high 5th position in Russia with 77 devices in the country, 16 of which were in Moscow.
In the near future can be expected to increase the inflow of liquidity due to the growing number of cryptocurrency funds. According to Morgan Stanley, in 2018 they became 220, of which 48% are hedge funds and venture funds, and 3% are direct investments. As in previous cases, the majority is concentrated in the United States, causing the position of the national regulator greatly affects the whole industry on the planet.
Sanctions policy of the USA, again, directly influences the implementation of cryptocurrencies in developing countries. So, Iran has reported the completion of its national digital coin that will have real security. It is likely that the turnover among those in the “black list” countries will boost the exchange of digital currencies to physical commodities.
Thus, the new “crypto invasion” is being prepared. Although the development could go either way. In 2017 the greatest interest of investors attracted by rising prices, which caused the inflow of new funds and gave the course up. Now notorious stability contributes to the spread of Bitcoin as a means of payment. This is similar to the slow building of a solid Foundation that is ready to endure a lot.
Alexander Kuptsikevich,