Crypto currencies or gold, that will remain in the future?

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Gold has always been considered a protective resource. If he stays that way in the future? Future. By this word we mean everything associated with robotics, Internet and related fields. Can long to ponder what role will be assigned to gold will not replace if its something new? This new tool may well be a cryptocurrency.
The emergence of cryptocurrencies has led to different discussions and estimations. Someone thinks that this tool future. Developing, he began to attract more attention and money, but the end of 2017, very much struck by the opinion of the majority of investors who fear to become a true digital assets in General.
At the moment there are more than 2000 of crypto-currencies and their value can change in one day several times. There are certain difficulties in the development of this tool which consist in refusing to work with him many major countries. But over time the situation may change, as the industry is in the focus of attention. The tool has great potential!
Given the prospects and interest in this new tool, we can see a new round of development in this area. In the medium term Bitcoin as the main representative of this industry can reach 9800$ for one coin.
Gold remains near the psychological level of 1200, and global change that would lead to the growth of the precious metal, is not observed. The price can go correction to the level of 1236 but then return.
Trade wars and policy intervention in different sectors of the economy bring a lot of risks in different directions. In this regard, cryptocurrency as unsecured tool has freedom and can get new opportunities!
Renat Abdurakhmanov
Financial analyst,
Larson & Holz