Courses cryptocurrency today fall, Ripple lost 1.05% Ethereum fell by 1.1%

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Main cryptocurrencies for trading on Thursday mostly continue to fall in price following the Russian stock market and the uncertain movement of the ruble.
According Libertex, the rate of Ripple from 12:00 MSK February 21 declined by 1.05% and by 12:00 GMT on 22 February was 0.96 us dollar. Litecoin rate for this period decreased by 0.5% to 210,31 dollar. Ethereum during the day, weakened by 1.1% and costs 12:00 GMT 838,1 dollar.
Investors don’t inspire even the good news from abroad. So, the President of Venezuela has announced the release into circulation of another cryptocurrency backed by gold.
In Russia, the Finance Ministry said that the Ministry would not object to a private Russian cryptocurrency without public investment. In addition, it became known that the President of Uzbekistan are tasked to develop the blockchain in the country.
On the Russian stock market significantly moderate decrease. The RTS index has weakened by 12:00 GMT on 0,23% – to 1228,20 item, index Mosberg virtually unchanged, symbolically growing up 0.02% to 2321,58 points. It can be expected that during the day amid falling oil prices, there will be a slide index Mosberg around 2300 points.
The dollar at 12:00 Moscow time has grown against the ruble by 0.12% – to 56,74 of the ruble, the Euro by this time weakened by 0.13% to 69,70 of the ruble. We can predict that in the course of the dollar will move in the range of 56-57 rubles, for the European currency this corridor is 69-70 rubles.
On the cryptocurrency market, we can expect continuation of the downtrend: course Ripple will be below $ 1 dollar, striving for the level of 0.9 of the dollar, Litecoin may drop to $ 200 and even to break down this level, and Ethereum will drop to the level of 820 dollars.
Ivan Marchena,
Forex Club