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For a long time leading digital currencies such as bitcoin and ether, continue to hover around the middle price points, which remain relatively stable. Of course, many news cryptocurrency market can send a shock wave throughout the market, causing rapid surge or drop in prices. However, as shown by the events of last week, digital tokens seem inclined to return to familiar price ranges. Almost all of the top 10 digital currency by market capitalization traded horizontally for the entire week. Although some coins and fell in the end of the week, bitcoin remains relatively close to the threshold of $ 6500, while the air is tied to the price of $ 200.
Although courses cryptocurrency had been relatively stable, this does not mean that investors are satisfied with the condition of the market. Indeed, many of the top coins have fallen by 50% or more since their peaks a few months ago. This stagnant price trend has prompted many analysts and investors assume that the digital currency space is dead. However, looking from a broader perspective, it appears that there are signs of life. This year’s activities in mergers and acquisitions in the world of digital currency has tripled. In 2017, was signed 47 deals this kind, and by the end of 2018 their number will be 145. Perhaps increased awareness of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology played a role in this area.
For analysts pessimistic, or maybe realistic approach, the current situation does not give hope for the growth of cryptocurrencies. Despite months of aggressive pressure selling and oversold technical readings, a new analysis shows that there is reason to believe that the major coins like BTC, can break through the threshold and continue to fall in price until the end of the year. Nouriel Roubini, the new York economist, recently added to the wave of pessimism when she suggested that the vast majority of digital currencies is useless. Speaking before members of Congress earlier this month, Roubini went so far as to predict “cryptosporiopsis”.
Yevgeny Abramovich
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