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The main crypto-currencies becoming more expensive on Tuesday amid positive investor reaction to the comments of the head of the Bank of England in respect of the stock market.
According Libertex, the rate of Ripple from 12.00 GMT on 19 March increased by 0.13% and 12.00 GMT on 19 March was 0.67 dollar. The rate of Litecoin during this period of time increased by 0.11 %, to 157.4 dollar. Ethereum per day has strengthened its position by 1.1% and stands at 12.00 GMT 522,8 dollars.
In a letter to the leaders of “Big twenty”, the head of the Bank of England mark Carney has said there is no need to create additional restrictions for the stock market. In addition, China’s designated new head of the National Bank And the Ganges, which has repeatedly spoken positively about the cryptocurrency.
During the day we can expect further moderate strengthening of the main crypto-currencies, as market participants will play a positive foreign news: the Ripple rate will trade above 0.6 USD and Litecoin may rise to$. Ethereum has a chance to grow up to $ 540 and go to around $ 550.
The Russian stock market on Tuesday reduced on the background of predominantly negative dynamics in global stock markets. The RTS index fell by 12.00 GMT on 0,77% – to 2264,4 item, index Mosberg decreased by this time by 0.51% and amounted to 1234,93 points. It can be expected that during the day the market will continue to decline, under the pressure of external negative and, despite support from rising oil prices. The MICEX index has the risk to fall to 2250 points and the RTS index – up to 1230 points pending the decision of the U.S. Federal reserve rate, which will be announced on Wednesday.
The ruble on Tuesday has started to rise after a sharp drop in price before the external negativity. On Tuesday, the Russian currency has rise in world oil prices amid the ongoing tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran, as well as a sharp reduction in production in Venezuela.
The dollar at 12.00 GMT the ruble fell by 9.25 pennies to 57,75 ruble, the Euro by this time has decreased by 7.75 pennies, amounting to 71.25 ruble. During the day, while maintaining a rising trend in oil prices, the ruble has chances to strengthen to the level of 57.7 ruble against the dollar and to 71.2 of the ruble against the Euro.
Ivan Marchena,
Forex Club