Courses cryptocurrency resumed the fall, Ripple is losing 1.1%, Ethereum is a day lost 0.9%

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The main cryptocurrency on Thursday, moderately reduced in price on the background of the corresponding dynamics in the stock and currency markets.
According Libertex, the rate of Ripple from 12:00 GMT on 21 March fell by 1.1% and by 12:00 GMT on 22 March was 0.67 dollar. Litecoin rate for this period decreased by 1.3% to 169,7 dollar. Ethereum during the day, weakened by 0.9% and stands at 12:00 GMT 567,8 dollars.
The Chairman of the State Duma Committee said Thursday that the second reading of the bill on digital of financial assets and crowdfunding can be spelled out the possibility of exchange of cryptocurrency for rubles. Bills on digital of financial assets and crowdfunding was submitted to the Duma a group of MPs on 20 March, planned to take them in may and June.
During the day we can expect further moderate depreciation of the major cryptocurrencies since the same signals are received with the stock and foreign exchange markets: exchange rate Ripple will trade below 0.7 dollar and Litecoin below $ 170. Ethereum likely will not fall below the level of $ 560.
The Russian stock market on Thursday looks at the controversial background of a slight decline in Asian indices and lethargic the morning of the dynamics of oil prices. The RTS index grew by 12:00 GMT by 0.67% to 1278,88 item, index Mosberg decreased by this time by 0.07% and made 2307,70 points. It can be expected that during the day the market will continue to move mixed with ambiguous external background, the index of Mosuri can grow to 2310-2320 points during the day.
The ruble on Thursday also multidirectional changes against the dollar and the Euro, aided by the sluggish dynamics of prices for oil. The dollar at 12:00 Moscow time the ruble fell by 2.25 kopecks to 56.86 ruble, the Euro by this time, on the contrary, increased by 6.25 pennies, amounting to 70.25 ruble. During the day, the expected daily range for the dollar is for 56.3 57.4 per ruble, the European currency is 69.5-70.9 ruble, the Russian currency will probably continue morning nonuniform motion on the background of conflicting external signals.
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club