Courses cryptocurrency is experiencing another lull

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The stock market after a big movement at the end of last year is again experiencing a lull. Rebound and correction occur within two or three percent that the stock market is negligible. In the community of crypto-enthusiasts again are waiting for news about regulation as it was in the summer and autumn, when the volatility of quotations was winding down. In the last day BTC adds more than 3% and is trading around $3700, retracing recent losses. The market for altcoins, as always, goes after the reference year.
What are the causes of expectations and new expectations of experts and community?
The market sees the revitalization of the largest Bitcoin wallets and focuses on the growth in the number of transactions in the network reference cryptocurrencies. The changes are considerable, from 250 thousand in December to 330 thousand at the moment. Increased activity is seen as a preparation for rally: 11 January, the second-largest purse was previously unknown address, who bought 130 thousand BTC (that’s $481 million), the other unidentified address began on 15 January with transaction size in BTC 107 thousand ($396 million), becoming immediately 5 of wallet.
Buy bitcoins with a size of 48 thousand BTC ($178 million), 20 thousand BTC ($74 million) and 12 thousand BTC ($44 million) were also very often appear in the list that may indicate the emergence of certain insider information about a potential market reversal. All of these addresses appeared in the last few weeks and this has never appeared.
Such activity may be evidence that large capital considers the current levels on attractive bitcoin for purchases. This can occur as a result inside the “pillars” of the approach the positive assessment of regulators, and for all that nothing more than a hoax to cause a new wave of excitement in the absence of a fundamental basis for further growth.
As before, you should exercise caution with the statements of market participants, especially to extremely positive. In 2017, the year the expectations were clearly too high, and it is possible that market participants are once again overly optimistic, wishful thinking. Cryptocurrency is a relatively new sector of the market, and they are relatively easy to manipulate.
Alexander Kuptsikevich,