Courses cryptocurrency fall in the absence of significant news

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The main cryptocurrency on Tuesday continued to decline in the absence of significant news about the cryptocurrency market. The only exception is the news about a possible market launch of Yahoo Japan, which, however, is not very inspired investors.
According Libertex, the rate of Ripple from 12.00 GMT on March 26, decreased by 1.69% to 12.00 GMT on 27 March amounted to 0.58 dollar. The rate of Litecoin during this period of time weakened 0.76% to 142,16 dollar. Ethereum during the day, surrendered by 4.63% and at 12.00 GMT 467,8 dollar. Market capitalization of crypto-currencies at 12: 00 MSK amounted to 302 billion U.S. dollars.
The only significant news about the cryptocurrency market was the news that Yahoo Japan wants to enter the market through the purchase of 40% on the Tokyo stock exchange BitArg. The deal would cost 19 million dollars, the launch of the new exchange is scheduled for 2019.
During the day, it is possible to predict further weakening of the major cryptocurrencies, due to the lack of positive news and formed a downward trend: the rate of Ripple can be lowered to 0.57 per dollar, Litecoin is the risk to weaken to 140 dollars, and Ethereum will drop to the level of 465 dollars.
While global stock markets are observed optimistic mood. Russian stock indexes on Tuesday grow on the background of the rise in oil prices. Oil prices are rising, as investors wagered the success of the OPEC countries+ production cuts. In addition, the market is waiting for statistics on oil reserves in the US last week, it is expected that they increased slightly.
The US indices closed the day before bidding in a significant advantage due to the reduction of tension around the possible start of a global trade war. The RTS index increased by 12.00 GMT on Tuesday on 0,83% – to 1241,18 item, index Mosberg rose 0.61% to 2254,49 points. On the positive external background we can expect that the index of Mosuri will strive to around 2260 points, and the RTS index will try to climb up to 1245 points.
In the Russian currency market rouble looks stable enough, aided by rising oil prices. However, the pressure on the Russian currency had news of the expulsion by several countries Russian diplomats. The dollar at 12.00 Moscow time has grown against the ruble by 2.25 kopecks to 57,17 of the ruble, the Euro by this time had weakened by 5 cents to 71.1 per ruble. During the day, with further growth of oil prices, the dollar could go down to the level of 57.2 per ruble and Euro to the level of 71 rubles.
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club