Courses cryptocurrencies fall not waiting for support on the weekends

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Participants in the cryptocurrency market have not waited any speakers on the weekends. Update Ethereum also does not affect the dynamics of cryptocurrencies in a positive way. In the last 24 hours ETH losing nearly 5.5% and is currently trading around $128. Economists were expecting the reversal to the upside. In the end, on Monday all the key coins were in the red zone, losing from 2% to 7%. Now we have to know: will develop negative dynamics after a few weeks of hope for the return of growth of bitcoin and the market as a whole.
Pampa and dumps Is highly speculative phenomenon, particularly relevant for cryptocurrency market, continues to happen in our times. So, ABBC coin Coin soared to 150% and now it is clearly losing ground. The acronym stands for Alibabacoin, at the same time, it does not have any relationship to China’s Alibaba, which received not one complaint from the original company. The crypto market participants continue to use such schemes with a similar sound, spend useless forks coins, offering the same source code with minimal changes. The desire to earn is not quite honest money in this area will not go away.
Future messengers
Rumors about the imminent introduction of crypto-product from Facebook to WhatsApp messenger. If this really happens, access to cash transfers on the basis of the blockchain will get 2.3 billion people on the planet, whereas it is 35% of the total population of the globe. If you add the project of Pavel Durov, the loom and all new lines all crypto market. It is also worth noting that almost all major financial and technology companies are preparing their projects on the blockchain.
The new chip from Bitmain: either IPO or inside the world’s Largest manufacturer of equipment for mining company Bitmain is releasing a new energy-efficient chip for ASIC devices. Experts wonder: it has to do with the desire to successfully launch an IPO, or the company’s management has some insight information about the future evolution of the market for cryptocurrencies in General and bitcoin in particular. If it’s only in the IPO, then investors can expect very unpleasant prospect, as the launch of a new product for mining in conditions when mining became unprofitable in many regions of the world is very risky.
Alexander Kuptsikevich,