Courses cryptocurrencies fall after transferring hard forks Ethereum

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The main crypto-currencies continue to slide downward, reflecting a number of negative news on the stock market. Lately, investors are concerned about the vulnerability of digital money, the reason for these concerns was given deferred hardwork Ethereum, which was to be held on January 16.
8.00 bitcoins per day has decreased on 0,28% – to $ 3574 capitalization at 63.5 billion. Ethereum by this time has fallen in price on 1,55% – to of 120.7 dollar with a market capitalization of 12.8 billion dollars. In addition to pent-hard forks, the additional negative factor for this cryptocurrency was the message that the Google Ads stopped showing ads that mention the names of Ethereum.
The XRP exchange rate is also decreased for a day loses of 3.03%, cryptocurrency is cheaper to 0.32 dollar in the capitalization of 13.4 billion dollars. Appeared on the market rumors that some company Valor is going to capture the token XRP and destroy the blockchain Ripple.
Litecoin fell by 1.28% to 30.8 per dollar with a market capitalization of $ 1.9 billion. In the Litecoin was mined 60-million token.
The total capitalization of the stock market made up 121.2 billion.
Financial scouts believe that in the short term, the stock market will continue its decline. The rate of bitcoin will drop to 3400 dollars, Ethereum – to 115 dollars, XRP – to 0.3 of the dollar and Litecoin goes below $ 30.
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club