Courses cryptocurrencies fall after data theft crypto in 2019

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The main cryptocurrency in the environment are significantly reduced in price on the message that criminals have stolen $ 4.3 billion in bitcoin in 2019. While bitcoin remains the most popular digital currency among hackers, it was used in 76% of cases of theft and extortion.
Amid this news the exchange rate of bitcoin at 9.00 am, according Libertex per day decreased by 6.52% to 10649 dollars with a market capitalization 190,1 billion. Ethereum by this time has fallen in price on 0,77% – to 208,4 dollar in the capitalization of 22.3 billion dollars.
XRP per day has fallen in price on 0,8% – to 0,2966 dollar, its market capitalization amounted to 12.6 billion dollars. Ripple against the company filed another lawsuit in which a group of investors claim that the company had violated the securities laws in the sales process token XRP. Litecoin weakened 0.49% to 84.9 per dollar with a market capitalization of 5.3 billion dollars.
The total capitalization of the stock market has reached 281,3 billion.
According to financial scouts in the near future the market continues to drift down. Bitcoin may go down to 10500 dollars, Ethereum – up to 205 USD, XRP – to 0.29 of the dollar, Litecoin is up to $ 80.
Eugene Turchin,
Financial scout,
Forex Club