Courses cryptocurrencies are growing today: Ripple strengthened 1.15% Ethereum for a day added 1%

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The main crypto-currencies on Monday, rising in price against the background of positive dynamics of the Russian stock market.
According Libertex, the rate of Ripple from 12.00 GMT on 4 March rose by 1.15% and 12.00 GMT on 5 March was $ 1.04. The rate of Litecoin during this period of time symbolically strengthened 0.1% to 209,67 dollar. Ethereum per night strengthened their positions by 1% and stands at 12.00 GMT 860,43 dollar.
Somewhat alarming market participants the news that financial US authorities want to gather information about the structure of sales and pre-sales within the framework of the ICO in the country. However, in Germany bitcoin was legalized as a means of payment, which instilled optimism in market participants.
During the day, it is possible to predict further moderate strengthening of the major cryptocurrencies: the Ripple rate may rise to 1.1 per dollar, Litecoin has a chance to grow to $ 210, and Ethereum will tend to level 865-870 dollars.
The Russian stock market on Monday, rising against the background of growing prices on oil Podrezova, support for the oil quotes had a message about the suspension of production at the largest oil field in Libya. The RTS index grew by 12.00 GMT on 1,39% – to 1279,21 item, index Mosberg strengthened this time by 1.12% to 2314,63 points. We can predict that during the day the index Mosuri will move in the corridor with the boundaries of the 2310-2320 points.
In the Russian currency market has seen some weakening of the ruble against the dollar and the Euro. The dollar at 12.00 GMT rose against the ruble by 25 kopecks to 57,07 of the ruble, the Euro by this time was strengthened by 16 cents and has risen above the level of 70 rubles, amounting to 70,23 of the ruble. The expected daily range for the movement of the dollar is on Monday 56,5-57,5 ruble, the Euro is 69.5-70.5 ruble.
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club