Course Ethereum is controlled by major investors

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As most of ICO were held with fundraising in Ethereum, it is their popularity gave rise to the demand for ETH and pushed the price up. But then the sale of the coins has caused a reverse process. When the influx of new investors in the ICO stopped, the growth stopped altogether.
The number of ETH on the addresses of the major holders of the cryptocurrency over the last 11 months increased by 80%, and from January 2017 — four times.
During 2018, the number of Ethereum on addresses actively trading the big players increased by 80%, as evidenced by the results of a study of the company Diar.
Experts analyzed more than 5,200 Ethereum wallet and found out that “whales” now have 20 million coins ($2.2 billion), which is approximately 20% of the total emissions.
In the beginning of last year they had 5 million ETH, which is four times less than now. Such dynamics is explained by the recent market collapse — many altcoins are traded in pairs with the air, so investors are selling them, exit this asset. For the November 2018 traders withdrew $470 thousand in Ethereum, and the total amount of deposits exceeded 16 million ETH $1.8 billion.
The number of “Ethereum-whales” was reduced by 30% in January, as many do leave the market or take their money in Bitcoin. This suggests that the cryptocurrency is now concentrated in an even narrower group of investors, that is, it can be controlled by a relatively small pool of investors.
Olga Prokhorova,
“International financial center”