Course Ethereum Classic surged to 18.9 dollars, the expert said the reasons

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The cryptocurrency market on Tuesday morning reached a capitalization of $254 billion. The biggest positive from holders of the coin Ethereum Classic, hard forks Ethereum, the price of which showed an increase to maximum values in three months.
Growth coins ETC, the price of which at the moment is $18,90, contributed to news about adding on two major sites – a listing on the American stock exchange Coinbase cryptocurrency (which should be today), and add coins to the list of trading tools mobile app for stock trading Robinhood, which since February has opened the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies.
A new site for coins, Ethereum Classic is access to a wider range of users, which naturally may lead to greater demand, because of availability and ease of working with this tool for users of the sites. Accordingly, demand growth, or even growth expectations have a positive impact on the price of crypto-asset.
Ethereum Classic differs from the original invariance Ethereum blockchain
compatibility, high transaction rate, unit capacity, community, monetary policy, and different localization of the trade in the tools. Differences, as we see, abound, and they are quite substantial.
Although the price of Ethereum Classic and showed a sharp increase, reaching above $20 per coin, however, quite quickly was a price rollback. Now the correction is stopped. Further growth of prices possible on news of listing on Coinbase cryptocurrency. Today market should begin to accept incoming transfers ETC, and the trade of the asset will be launched in the next two days.
In the light of important developments for investors Ethereum Classic, it should be recalled schemes “pump and dump”, when the large market participants buy the asset before important news, the expectations, and later fix their profit when the asset price begins to rise. However, the fixation purchases is the reverse transaction, selling. Thus large speculators trap inexperienced traders start to enter the market when the price is high.
Because wanting to do better to conduct transactions in advance and does not seek to buy at high prices is dangerous and fraught with loss. From the point of view of technical analysis the growth potential of the coins ETC in relation to the dollar is limited by resistance at around $22, because the range of transactions for buying better plan within this goal.
Olga Prokhorova,
“International Financial Center”