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Stock Markets Group – the exchange Rate of bitcoin over the last 24 hours, remains close to a level of 3700 dollars, attempting to grow.
The price of Bitcoin yesterday, and the day was able to grow up a bit and added about $ 100 this morning, however, sales resumed. At the moment the loss of the most popular cryptocurrencies amount to 0.91%, and the slowdown in district 3670 dollars.
Most popular cryptocurrencies in the same show minor negative with high probability, to the end of the day may increase.
So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash loses 2% and dropped to 130 dollars, the price for Ripple drops to 1.45% and reached the level 0.3316 $ value Ethereum is reduced by 2.04% and is close to $ 127, and the rate Bitcoin Gold went down to 2.36% for one coin in the stock market offer 12.27 USD.
Total market capitalization of crypto-currencies is now 112 741 billion.
Rate graph bitcoin/USD continues to struggle near the lower border of the Ichimoku indicator. After yesterday’s growth of quotations has met resistance at around $ 3760 and retreat.
Курс биткоина боится давления регуляторов
Moving average and two lines of the indicator are above the price of BTC, which confirms the market weakness and the lack of a sufficient number of customers for a significant change of the situation.
We expect the next few days the digital asset will remain within the technical range of 3000-5000 dollars. It is also not excluded the attempt of the Bitcoin exchange rate to break below, given the unfavorable external background.

Bitcoin exchange rate: the Regulators are coming

As it became known recently, Malaysia started the crypto regulation, which was announced by Finance Minister lim Guan eng.
He noted that the regulation will cover not only trade in bitcoin and digital assets, but also the ICO.
Now, service providers on trade in cryptocurrencies and crypto currency exchange located in the country will have to obtain permission from the securities Commission of Malaysia. According to Reuters, the regulator will work with the Central Bank in compliance with regulations.
“In accordance with the decision of the securities Commission Malaysia (SC), 15 January shall enter into force the law on the recognition of bitcoin and other digital assets as securities”
The regulator also noted that the holding of ICO and related activities will require the initiators of the relevant approvals from the SC and compliance with the rules and the securities act.
Support the regulator expressed and the Ministry of Finance, whose representatives have stated that they consider bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and the technology on which they are based, as having potential for implementation of innovative products in various sectors of the economy.
“The Ministry believes that digital assets can be an alternative tool for payments to companies and individuals and investment instrument”
However, the Malaysian Central Bank against such drastic steps by the state, as fears of the big risks associated with investments in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies due to the volatile exchange rate.
We will remind, earlier representatives of Negara Malasia stated that cryptocurrencies are not legal tender and recommended to carefully assess the risks associated with their use.
Курс биткоина боится давления регуляторов
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™