Coinbase claims to have fallen off the Ripple rate of 1.03% and Ethereum 1.06%

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The main cryptocurrency in the environment continue to fall in price after the news about claims of Americans to the crypto currency exchange Coinbase and on the background of the negative on the stock and currency markets.
According Libertex, the rate of Ripple from 12:30 GMT 6 Mar fell by 1.03% and by 12:00 GMT on 7 March amounted to 0.89 per dollar. Litecoin rate for this period decreased by 1.06% to $ 189,5. Ethereum during the day, weakened by 1.06% and stands at 12.00 GMT 782,4 dollar.
The cryptocurrency market is winning back negative news on two lawsuits from the American people to the crypto currency exchange Coinbase. They were filed last week, but news about them has appeared only the day before.
During the day we can predict a further decline of cryptocurrency in price: course, the Ripple will continue to fall until the level of 0.8 of the dollar, Litecoin will go down to the level of $ 180. Ethereum will decline to around $ 780 and it is likely to fall below it.
The Russian stock market on Wednesday shows a negative trend due to the decline in oil prices and the fall in world stock indices. The RTS index fell by 12:30 Moscow time on 1,63% – to 1260,56 item, index Mosberg decreased by this time by 0.94% to 2281,76 points. We can predict that during the day, the market decline will continue: index Mosberg probably tends to break down the level of 2280 points.
The ruble in the morning on Wednesday also losing ground amid speculation about a possible reduction in oil prices because of rumors about the readiness of North Korea to engage in dialogue in the US on nuclear disarmament. The dollar by 12:30 Moscow time has grown against the ruble by 25.25 cents to 56,94 of the ruble, the Euro by this time was strengthened by 44.75 kopecks, reaching 70,75 of the ruble. During the day, the ruble will tend to drop to the level of 57 rubles against the dollar and to the level of 71 rubles in tandem with the Euro.
Ivan Marchena,
Forex Club