Chinese Sovcombank

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One of the latest news on today is the end of the negotiations on the establishment of a private joint partnerships on the basis of Sovcombank. This Bank will not only Dutch and Russian, but Chinese. One billion dollars from the Chinese and Russian investors will arrive in the capital of the Bank in exchange for its shares.
The deal looks decent, especially in light of the news after the purchase of RosEvroBank by Sovcombank and the transition to the third position in the rating of Russian credit organizations.
Chinese business since the 90-ies looking at the financial sector of such scale, so the approach by creating and then investing across the Russian-Chinese investment Fund were literate and thought-out way. The development of relations between our countries, as well as changes in the political and economic structure of China in the next 10 years, to create strong links with the Asian region and its financial and industrial sector.
Earlier, already had an agreement on the exit of Bank on IPO, but now the Chinese and Russian business, which became part of the shareholders of Sovcombank will require to bring the case to its logical end, and the emergence of these securities on the Russian stock market will increase its capacity at the expense of first-class Issuer.
Roman Blinov,
The head of the analytical Department of the company,
“International financial center”