Chickens of the ruble does not respond to sanctions

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Russian ruble on Monday, behaves quite smoothly, which is very good, given the external background. By mid-afternoon the dollar traded around 66,08€, and if the situation will not change for the worse, the day for the American currency will be completed within 65,95-66,45 RUB EUR/RUB is moving down around 73,50, but here the corridor of fluctuations of a narrow today, 73,30-73,65.
The second package of anti-Russian sanctions “case Skrypalia” investors experienced a very easy and free. The fact is that it was expected, the sanctions mechanisms of influence discussed for a long time. There is nothing that bidders did not expect. It would be interesting to know the reaction of the Russian government and fiscal authorities, but it is not.
Oil under pressure from increased trade relations between China and the United States. A barrel of Brent now has recovered above $59, but in the case of aggravation of the situation of black gold is able to fall to $58 or below. Worse than the mood on the set, the greater the demand for the dollar.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst,
“Information-analytical center “Alpari”