Chestrad Bitcoin has reached a historic high

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As of July 30, the rate of Estrada reached 78.9978 EH/s. Experts point out that this is due to the increase of capacities for the extraction of bitcoin and the growth of decentralization of the network by new entrants.
Even despite the recent negative reports and falling exchange rate of bitcoin is below $ 10,000 dollars, market activity is increasing. Traders focused on a surge of optimism, which can occur as a result of halving. Apparently this is forcing miners to build up power for mining BTC before this event.
Network security and the growth of interest from institutional investors help the most popular cryptocurrency to attend a summer period without significant losses, however, some analysts expect before the next rise of bitcoin exchange rate, falling to around 8 500 us dollars.
At the time of this writing Bitcoin is worth $ 9 574 dollar strengthened by 0.7%.