Capitalization of Apple exceeded $ 1 trillion. $

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Well, as they say, not only in the Old world hit record on the temperature regime. Here on wall street, too hot. According to the results of yesterday’s trading session the market capitalization of Apple has exceeded ONE TRILLION U.S. DOLLARS, and as a result, the Corporation became the first U.S. and second in the world, whose market capitalization exceeded one trillion us dollars at auction in the organized financial market.
At the auction it was clearly hot, and that was the reason for closing optimistic on the stock market. Key financial indicators added at the end of trading, that in itself is not bad by reason of the fact that the trading volume at the auctions in sector of the Hi-Tec was 5% above the average for the last three months. In General, the markets Aug usually not too dynamic, and most likely we today, at least in early trading in the United States will see a surge of activity on the emotions about such an interesting reason about 1 trillion U.S. dollars, but the global surprises I personally do not expect.
Indexes in South-East Asia on the morning of Friday show a mixed performance, probably because the Index of business activity in the service sector of China (Caixin) during the past July 2018 were at the level at 52.8 points when the previous value of 53.9.
The Russian stock market will digest the news about the initiative to adopt a new package of sanctions against Russia and our public debt has been prepared in the framework of two parties – democratic and Republican. From congressmen in the US otherwise expected in the current environment is difficult, but the good news is that they have come holidays and their law-making activity is a little subside.
As we remember, according to statistics, in most cases, the month of August is not a good period for investment and good news, so wait for the close of the week, employment data in the US and how would it not sound strange, correction.
Roman Blinov,
Head of analytical Department,
“International financial center”