Black Friday and 11 key events next week for traders

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If you did a good job on the foreign exchange market in the previous months and a lot of money, in the next five days you will have the opportunity to roast the Turkey, thank yourself and the universe for a good income and are happy to spend it on useful and not very things, because ahead of thanksgiving and Black Friday.
Monday, November 19, will allow to calculate profits and losses, to gather my thoughts and make a shopping list for Friday. If the job is done quickly, as entertainment, you can watch live broadcasts of the meeting of the Eurogroup. On the agenda, as usual, the debt problems of southern EU countries, migration policy, trade relations with the United States and how else to annoy Russia.
On Tuesday, November 20, those who suffer from insomnia, you can read the minutes of the meeting on monetary policy Bank of Australia. However, anything new you will not find it. The content will be reduced to the following conclusion: rates increase early, as this will lead to the mortgage crisis.
Those who were impressed by the Eurogroup’s meeting, waiting for the second part Merlezonskogo ballet – a meeting of EU Finance Ministers. See the statements of officials should at least in order to understand there are problems outside of Russia. To understand the General trends in the EU will allow to predict the further dynamics of the Euro, and yet the peak of the single currency continues.
Towards evening Rosstat boasted that, despite the economic crisis, unemployment in the country is not, however, the ruble and stock market of the country do not care.
Well, as expected at the end of the day a pleasant bidders will make the United States. Dollar bulls expect growth in the number of permits issued for construction: if expectations are met, the pair EUR/USD has a chance to come close to the level of 1,119.
Wednesday, 21 November, statistics from the USA will finish the Euro-optimists. In the evening waiting for positive data on the dynamics of growth of orders for durable goods and sales in the secondary housing market. The pair EUR/USD chance to gain a foothold in the area 1,119 grow.
And here it is – the long-awaited Thursday, November 22 – however, if you are not a Catholic, but still the same vegan, the hearing of the report of inflation in Britain will fall by the way. In the evening, while the Western world will thank the Almighty, you can read the minutes of the meeting of the ECB on monetary policy. In connection with the celebration of the American trading platforms will be closed.
Friday, November 23, the day will begin with the publication of statistics on GDP growth rate of Germany for the third quarter of 2018. It is unlikely the data will differ from the initial evaluation: annually, the rate will remain at 1.1%.
Canada will release the data block on inflation: by the end of October is likely to be recorded growth that will slow down the strengthening of the canadian dollar. The most interesting and predictable for traders is the Euro/canadian dollar, which was estimated to Alpari in the near future will remain in the range of 1.48-1.50 area.
The Russian ruble with high probability will please the Russians and will continue to strengthen. At the beginning of the week, the pair dollar/ruble may return to the levels of 65.0-65.5 rubles, and Euro/ruble – to levels and 74.0-74,5 RUB.
Anna Kokoreva,
The Deputy Director of analytical Department,