Bitcoins will fall and bitcoin will disappear in 2019

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Stock Markets Group – the exchange Rate of bitcoin the second day continues to grow steadily, and currently exceeds 4000 dollar, adding 8.5%.
The Bitcoin price has received the support of major investors and speculators, who returned before the holidays for the cryptocurrency market to organize a new year rally.
Interestingly, this behavior of digital assets we are seeing for the first time the existence of the stock market. Previously to the completion of the calendar year, participants of the exchange holding money in bitcoin and other popular tokens tried to post them in Fiat, actively selling tokens. But now, apparently, a strong oversold market led “whales” to buy coins at the lowest level.
Most of top ten cryptocurrencies are now in an aggressive growth. So, Bitcoin Cash is being strengthened by 20% and soared to a level 158.62 dollar, the price of Ripple is increasing at 9.18% and reached the level of 0.388 dollars, the cost of Ethereum increased by 8.97% and is approximately 110.55 dollars, and the Bitcoin exchange rate Gold added 5.35% for one coin on cryptomeria offer 13.82 USD.
Market capitalization of crypto currency is growing at a record pace and for the last day rose to the level of 121 660 billion.
Chart bitcoin/dollar turned around, and today we can say that formed the second buy signal, but on the Ichimoku indicator.
Besides, a large candle successfully crossed the moving average, which is a strong bullish signal.
Курс биткоина будет падать, а криптовалюта исчезнет в 2019 году
In the current situation it is very important that the rate of increase in the value of BTC was not saularis, only in this case, the market will begin to reach new buyers.

Bitcoins will fall and bitcoin will become useless

This opinion was expressed by the founder of Bitcoin Cash from Canada Calvin Eyre. In an exclusive interview with expert expressed confidence that bitcoin only goes down next year will cease to exist:
“I’m afraid that the exchange rate of bitcoin to zero, as it has no actual value as nothing of itself is. Unlike technology which has a promising future”
Recall that this is not the first statement of this nature made in the last days, probably caused by the apathy and mass rejection of the BTC in the circles of large investors.
Gradually, as we wrote earlier, cryptologist begins to evaluate not the cost of the “bubble” called bitcoin, and what is much more important and that will certainly remain after his disappearance – blockchain technology.
Many analysts expect that the further development of bitcoin will take place only in the framework of a new innovative product, not on financial markets.
Курс биткоина будет падать, а криптовалюта исчезнет в 2019 году
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™