Bitcoins: trump collapses cryptocurrency

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According Libertex, at 12.00 the rate of bitcoin has decreased over the day by 0.13% to 9112 dollars in capitalization in 155,7 billion. The Litecoin exchange rate weakened by this time on 3,25% – to 154,6 the dollar in the capitalization of 8.7 billion dollars. Euthereum dropped to 12.00 on 1,16% – to 725,8 dollar, its market capitalization is at 72.4 billion. The Ripple rate fell during the day by 2.5% to 0.78 dollar in the capitalization of 30.6 billion dollars. Total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies by this time reached 422,3 billion.
The main crypto-currencies on Wednesday, falling in value as global markets are in turmoil after the President of the United States
Donald trump broke a nuclear deal with Iran. However, after a significant collapse on Tuesday evening, on Wednesday, the rate of decline of altcoins has slowed down and probably in the short term it will have to be so dramatic.
The evening before the US President Donald trump said that the United States not only out of the agreement on the nuclear program with Iran, but will resume the action of a number of sanctions against the country. This has led to some confusion and a significant drop in global financial markets.
The stock market also tries to make sense of this information. During the day you can expect that the process of the fall will continue, but will be moderate. We can predict that the rate of bitcoin will come to around 9100 dollars, Litecoin may weaken to $ 150, Euthereum may fall to the level of $ 720, and the Ripple will go to the level of 0.7 in the dollar.
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club