Bitcoins tries to grow, but cryptocurrency does not need investors

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Sunday, November 25, on the stock exchange Bitfinex bitcoin exchange rate dropped to $3657. No news for the collapse of the prices were not. Worked the technical factor due to the activity of sellers.
Daily candle closed with a pin bar with a bullish body. Candle with a long tail is a reversal. I want to warn you that about 80% of the pin bar stop market and only 65% of them call out the correction against the trend. Not all reversal candlestick patterns work.
The bounce up was 15.7%. The percentage movement was decent, and if you look at the hourly chart bitcoin/dollar, then the price is in the correction from the bottom line of the MA channel returned to its book line. A normal pullback within its volatility. Bitcoin is trying to raise his head to look at the moon.
Balance sheet line (sma 55), not the first time acts as a strong resistance trend. Resting at the trend line, the buyers retreated to $6971 (38.2 per cent). I note that the time TF was formed trenbolona correction in the form of three. Since trend is bearish, and buyers are still very weak, sellers are able for 2-3 hours to lower the exchange rate of bitcoin to $3657.
To continue the rally towards $4445 for bitcoin, buyers need to protect the level of $3880. If the sellers will be $3820, refrain from new purchases of bitcoin and alts. If the activity of sellers will remain low, and demand while reducing will increase, then you can consider a long position. And then, opening it, you need to be ready to run away from the market at any time.
Курс биткоина пытается расти, но криптовалюта не нужна инвесторам
Vladislav Antonov,