Bitcoins: the next record and the fear of regulators

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Stock Markets Group – bitcoin exchange Rate in recent days has set a new record and at the moment the cost of the popular cryptocurrency is 9492.58 dollars and dropped 0.15%.
The price of Bitcoin dropped after the eve of hearings in the U.S. Senate on the regulation of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the head of the Ripple brad Garlinghouse sent a letter to officials asking them not to compare Libra with other cryptocurrencies.
As you know, recently in the United States continues active debate among politicians about the need to introduce stricter rules for the regulation of cryptocurrencies. This raises concerns of the crypto community that trump can listen to the advice of the environment and to ban bitcoin. At the moment most of the top ten altcoins are also weak.
So the Bitcoin exchange rate is 18.16 Gold dollars and reduced by 1.71%, the price of Ripple fell 0.309 dollars and lost 0.10%, the cost of Ethereum falls to 1.34% and at the moment one token on the exchange offer of $ 208.05.
Total market capitalization of crypto-currencies today is 245 730 billion.
Chart bitcoin/dollar practically remains in place and shows no signals for reversal. The market of digital assets and BTC in particular remains weak.
Курс биткоина: очередной антирекорд и страх перед регуляторами
The lack of active investors and the summer lull in the financial sector has not yet provided the chance “to bulls” to develop a full growth.
Meanwhile, co-founder of Morgan Creek Anthony Pompliano, said the high interest in bitcoin by institutional investors. In his Twitter account, a supporter of popular cryptocurrencies noted that she was in contact with some top managers of large corporations who are already actively interested in bitcoin.
The positive trend in this direction is confirmed, analysts at Delphi Digital, which found that 3% of the major capital already present in bitcoin. However, the exchange rate of bitcoin and its excessive volatility stop many actively invest in BTC.
Курс биткоина: очередной антирекорд и страх перед регуляторами
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group