Bitcoins: the game time has not yet come

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Wednesday, September 13, trades in bitcoin resulted in a slight increase of $6332. Four days the bitcoin exchange rate traded in the range of the daily candle of 8 September (L6119, H6475).
Thursday in the Asian session, buyers took the offensive. First they took resistance at $6350. European session they moved up to $6439, breaking the horizontal resistance (23.6% of the fall from $7415 to $6119). Buyers at the hour of 9:00 (UTC) significantly increased long positions.
The upside from $6202 has a complex wave structure. If you build an upward channel price: $6119, $6170 $6458 (allocated their dots on the chart), the buyers nearest the target area is at $6556.
The latest bullish momentum with $6370 to us $6490 was against the found cycles (26, 54,82, 139, 247,312). 15 minute patterns up $6421 in sight, but without the continuation of the rally.
Note the drop from $6399 to $6170 (area marked by a rectangle). I turned him over and laid on the upward movement with $6202. It’s almost a perfect fit, without the last bullish wave.
Курс биткоина: Для ралли время еще не наступило
For rally time came. Let me remind you that according to my calculations, it should start after September 23. So what about here (from eng. “to the Moon” – the term describes the situation when the rate of crypt goes up) too early to think. Players expand the trading range to form a base for beginning.
Technically BTCUSD pair is ready for correction to the area $6310-$6345 (50% – 61,8% of the rise from $6202 to $6490).
Vladislav Antonov,