Bitcoins: the Expert unexpectedly revised its forecast

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Stock Markets Group – bitcoin exchange Rate today remains near a new low of $ 3,600, but is ready to continue falling to around $3 000.
Just a few days the Bitcoin price held the milestone of close to 4 000, but have cost consumers a little bit to slow down as the cryptocurrency collapsed leaving growth prospects in the near future.
Many popular tokens without changing traditions, rushed down after the leader of the stock market. Today some of them shows a small plus that due to the temporary stop of quotations bitcoin.
So the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash adds 2.68%, and peaked at 134.33 dollars, the Ripple price has appreciated by 0.36 percent and is near the level of 0.332 dollar, the value of Ethereum has strengthened by 23% and reached $ 127.44, while the rate of Bitcoin Gold slipped to 1.61%, and for one coin on cryptomeria offer 12.39 USD.
The total capitalization of the stock market is 112 940 billion and is still above 100 billion.
Chart bitcoin/dollar in recent days showed faint signals for a possible drop in cryptocurrency, but yesterday, technical indicators have finally confirmed reversal.
Курс биткоина: Эксперт неожиданно пересмотрел прогноз
As it turned out, the bulls did not have enough benefits to get through the cloud of Ichimoku indicator up and the price has reversed.
The cost of bitcoin has crossed down and the moving average and both lines of the technical indicator, which increases further the risk to decrease.
The most optimal point where Bitcoin can be supported, the level 3 of $ 400. In the current situation, we expect repeated waves of sales to this point.

The rate of bitcoin will remain in the range for another two months

This was reported by General Director of the platform Cicvic’t blame Lingham in their forecasts expected that BTC will still be able to grow to the level of $ 6,000.
In one of his last interviews he stated that BTC/USD will remain in the range from 3 thousand to $ 6,000. However, recently revised its forecast, given the current situation with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in General.
“On the basis of reality, the rate of bitcoin will remain in the range of 3000-5000 $ for a month or two until you find the strength to reverse. However, after, can be as sharp a break up, and a strong failure to minimums”
This conclusion about the price of BTC, the expert made after the cryptocurrency was not able to defend the important psychological level of $ 4,000, and returned to decrease.
Recall that days earlier, the most popular digital asset collapsed, losing about $ 400 just a few hours.
Recall also that the famous trader Tom Weiss in December warned cryptologist that the chances of the growth rate of bitcoin almost there, and he can find his “bottom” in the area of $ 1,300.
Many experts, after the token was struck in the area of 3700 dollars, and the capitalization of the stock market has lost about $ 5 billion in five hours, again questioning the commitment of bitcoin to replace the US dollar.
Besides, in the coming months, BTC remains too vulnerable, given the postponement of the decision on the CFTC bitcoin ETF, and low activity on the stock market until spring.
We also believe that a significant price change of the main coins should be expected before March 2019.
Курс биткоина: Эксперт неожиданно пересмотрел прогноз
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™